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North Carolina House Arrest

Guardian Ankle Monitoring Service provides GPS and alcohol detection monitoring programs which are reliable, secure, and affordable. These successful and proven programs keep offenders connected to their families and hold their jobs.


If an offender needs a GPS device for house arrest or pre-sentencing, Guardian provides the Omnilink service, which monitors the client's location 24/7 without modems or phone lines. Report time increments can be from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.


Guardian Monitoring Programs can be applied as:

Pre trial release and/or as a stipulation of bail.
Alternative sentencing versus jail or work program.
For out-of-county residents that Probation cannot or will not handle.
For in-county residents who have been denied by Probation, including those with fewer days than Probation will accept. (With Guardian, there is no minimum or maximum amount of days on our electronic monitoring program.)

When an offender needs an alcohol detection device, Guardian is a provider of A Remote Alcohol Monitor. The device detects the blood alcohol content of the offender, as often as every half hour 24/7. It registers on average 45 times a day. The data downloads information via modem or we can direct connected to the device in our headquarters for instant data recovery. Unit can be applied as:

Pre trial release and/or as a stipulation of bail.
Court ordered alcohol monitoring.
In conjunction with an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program.
Family law cases.
Child Protective Services (CPS) cases.
Sentence condition or alternative sentence in the DUI Court






If you have a client or you are the offender who matches up with one or more of the above, the best option is to request Guardian Monitoring during sentencing rather than wait until you have been denied by Probation. If you have been denied by Probation, you will need to go to court after the denial, and some judges will not accept a private company if you have been denied by a Probation Department.


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